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The Rudest and Funniest Town Names Around the World

I walked into a local souvenir shop and asked for some “Fucking postcards”, but the lady at the cash desk simply smiled warmly. With a sparkle in her eye she … Continue reading

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13 Things To Make You Say ‘Wow’ in China

Babies go to school – Kids start learning English at tw0-and-a-half- years young at private language institutions. Private English School at three. Photo by What do you think? wait, it … Continue reading

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The Countries That Don’t Count

When traveling, what really constitutes a country not counting?  Is it the little time spent there, the lack of experiences or the not even leaving the airport? Singapore: We spent … Continue reading

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What Lonely Planet Forgot – How To Train India

Lonely Planet is good for many things, but what it lacks is attention to detail; especially when it comes to transportation. One of the most important things to have on … Continue reading

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The Great Wall of China

About The Great Wall: Legend has it that its tracks were laid with the aid of a helpful dragon and myth tells of its visibility from the moon. Stacks mud … Continue reading

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How to Get a Chinese Tourist Visa in the Philippines

You can get your tourist visa processed in the Philippines, but only in Manila, Cebu and Laoag is this possible. In Manila, there are two options for getting your Chinese visa. … Continue reading

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How to: Teach English in China Today

You are in demand. If you’ve never taught or you’re already a teacher, China is a great place to be. China is screaming for teachers. Other than the Middle East, … Continue reading

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Teach English Abroad: How to Avoid A Scam

I was almost scammed try to find a teaching job overseas. On the prowl for an international teaching job on Serious Teachers, I was contacted by a man claiming to … Continue reading

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What An Online Teaching Scam Looks Like

Chef Alex Rizzo Stanneylands Road Wilmslow,Cheshire, SK9 4EY Phone: +44 703 188 2731 Fax: +44 700 608 6662 Position Reference: ESL Teacher SOFT COPY OF OFFICIAL LETTER OF APPOINTMENT Date: … Continue reading

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The Human Element

You’re out of your element. Perfect. Let’s take a picture. Travel and documentary photographer Mitchell Kanashkevich searches the world’s most untouched places to capture disappearing ancient cultures and the human … Continue reading

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The Last Ride

The amber lights make me hurry. I don’t know how to say excuse me yet so I resort to nudging and bumping my way down the escalator of people enjoying … Continue reading

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How To Get By The Great Fire Wall of China

Out of the Top 100 Global Websites, 12 are currently blocked in mainland China. China has one of the most extensive internet repressive systems in the world. Chinese censorship began with … Continue reading

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10 Reasons Why Shanghai Rules

10. Top Transportation Shanghai has the world’s largest metro network. Its metro system is made up of 11 lines, excluding the Maglev, 237 stations and boasts a 424.8 km long … Continue reading

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The Dirtiest Middle Finger

Banteay Srey was built in the late 10th century and was dedicated to the Hindu God. Its name means “citadel of the women” and it bares some of the best carvings of all the temples; … Continue reading


Wat-ing, Bike Down and Disappointing Spiderman

  After blocks of harassment, we finally lost the world’s hardest working tuk-tuk driver. We walked deep into the bustling city of Siem Reap. We’d be taunted by swanky massage … Continue reading

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Glass Eggs and Ham

We left the unwanted guesthouse on a mission to find accommodations of our own picking. At the end of the long driveway leading out from the grounds we’d run into … Continue reading

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Dental Floss Saves Lives in Siem Reap

From Laos we’d move south  into Cambodia. Crossing over the border we’d make it through the clearance check involving passport pictures, money and a quick health check. A department store scanning … Continue reading

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The 4000 Islands

Sunset or Sunrise? This was the “unfortunate” fork-in-road situation we’d have to choose from when we got to Don Det island. We’d just arrived after the 20 minute long tail … Continue reading

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The Rice Bus, A Knock on the Door and Some Pee Stops

Go where the locals go. A good rule to live by when exploring a new country. Asking a proficient English speaking hotel manager in Luang Prabang where she’d recommend going … Continue reading

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Laos Groceries, Blessed Shopping, The Bike Crash and No Lady Love Allowed

How do the Laos people go grocery shopping? They take a trip to the market where other locals sell the freshest fish, meat, fruits and vegetables…and by freshest I mean still alive. At the Morning … Continue reading

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The One About Nirvana, Monks and Finding a Laos Lettuce Wrap Lady

The city of Luang Prabang, Laos is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  Doing as the monks do, we woke with the rising sun to witness Binthabhat; the daily ritual of giving alms to monks.  … Continue reading

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Slow Boating the Mekong River

From Chiang Mai we would head north to the Laos border town Huay Xai enroute to Luang Prabang. Not making it to Huay Xai on time (buses only running certain times … Continue reading

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21 Reasons To Get Lost

Sometimes a quote feeds the soul like a portion of bread can satisfy the famished. Here are 21 phrases or combination of words that quench your cravings for adventure. Please … Continue reading

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Photography From Down Under

“Photography is the art of connecting the heart and soul. A picture taken of a moment in our life is one of the only ways the heart can look upon … Continue reading

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Last Minute City Breaks: Where to Go in Europe

Full-throttle holidays can cost a fortune and in a day and age where money is tight, it’s not always possible to book a week or two in the sun. However, … Continue reading

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The Advantages of Building Your Own Holiday

  Package holidays may seem like the best option on the face of it, but there are many advantages to building your own holiday. If you are still yet to … Continue reading

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25 Most Popular Legendary Landmarks: 2013

The Eiffel Tower didn’t make the list, and there are a bunch more landmarks that didn’t make the  Traveler’s Choice 25 Most Popular Landmarks and Attractions in the World for 2013. … Continue reading

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23 Travel Inspirations

The Dalai Lama said it best “Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before.” Words of wisdom to carry forth your travel dreams. And heck, he’s the Dalai Lama; … Continue reading

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International Agencies Lie About Working in Canada

Dear International Students coming to Canada, Please know that all agencies just want your money. They don’t really care about your interests and they will tell you just about anything … Continue reading

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