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Tailgating and Seattle’s Worst Coffee

Seattle marks the first pit-stop on our trip. There’s nothing like a little tailgating to exit North America. A visit to the local Cost Cutter and seven US dollars later, public debautchery begins.
After watching the Seattle Seahawks defeat the 49ers in their first season game we booked ourselves into the Clarion hotel in Renton, Seattle. The front desk clerk asked us for a phone number should we leave something behind in our room, but having no cellphones, I offered to add him to my Facebook instead.

I don’t drink coffee, but for some reason I always attempt to make it while hotelling. If only I didn’t SUCK at the making part. I poured water straight into the COFFEE ONLY part (cause I’m suppose to know that by the so-easily-highlighted arrows showing me where to put WATER and COFFEE) and sure enough filtered my very own awesome coffee water. Yay! And so I stick to tea.

And I have no idea why I always seem to think that my hotel mini fridge will be accidentally loaded with booze, so I opened and checked it, but Renton has also failed to blow my socks off.

The Keg in Renton is solid. It tastes just like Vancouver Keg.

Oh, and if there is a God, please don’t let the Seattle Seahawks win the Superbowl within the next two years. I know one person (who’s name rhymes with Worgan Milliams) that would be deeply hurt, and offended, and hurt.


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This entry was posted on September 13, 2010 by in Backpacking.
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