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"Idiot Abroad" and Impressions of England

Been awhile since I’ve written.  I don’t have a lot of  huge observations so I will default to my favourite form of writing, bullet points.

-“Idiot Abroad” is an English program where Ricky Gervais (Office UK) and Stephen Merchant (?) send their former radio show producer Karl Pilkington on a tour of the Seven Wonders of the World.  Aethiest, Karl, generally dislikes people, travel, foreign food, and anything not as comfortable as home.  He’s kinda like one of my best friends Blue, except Blue likes people and doesn’t mind travelling; it four stars minimum for Bluesy.  These guys torment him by making him stay in dodgey hotels, homestays, go to all sort of religious festivals, sites, and travel in excrusiating circumstances. It’s simply hilarious.

-Futbol coverage on the tele is tragic.  They show only selected games on the weekend.  If you can’t go to a game and your team isn’t one of the choosen, then you can’t watch it until they replay ALL of the games all night long.  This is one angle I’m gonna have to fully side with the NFL and most North American sport leagues with.  If you team can draw the crowds let the “have nots” like myself see it.  I could get better coverage of my adopted team Tottenham in Canada if I so choose.

-We mentioned a show called “This is England” previously.  There was only 4 episodes.  Very disappointing!

-Lindsay is writing about our trip to the southwest coast.  I just wanna say it was awsome.  Beautiful beaches, greenery, stone walls, picturesque villages, harbors, ports, and I wouldn’t have thought it, surfing!

-Our last day in England with the family we went to Camden Market.  A lot of it’s held in a massive old stable.  We were there for near 3 hours and saw a drop in the bucket. There’s a good variety of goods, not the same 10 vendors selling the same crap like in most markets.  Highlights include authentic vintage shops, back end of vespas as seats, Korean pedicures, a.k.a. little fish nibbling your feet!!  A great variety of food, my favorite being the fallafel sandwich. 

-Lindsay and I are starting our two month Eurail pass tomorrow.  We’re gonna record the value we’re getting out of the pass and any tips we pick up along the way.  I’m  not sure if we should publish our findings as we go along or book report like at the end.  Let me know what you think in the comments section or on face book.

-Wanted to thank Ralph and Jane Wiseman for their insight regarding cheap flights and luggage charges.  Saved us a couple times so far by either travelling lighter out of a homebase or “booking” our bags online in advance.

-Finally I wanted to thanks Lindsay’s family:  Marlene and Frank for their hospitality, Kevin and  Krysia for taking us on their adventures, and Ian Perry for being the best host possible.  Thanks you so much for letting us stay with you for a month, see you in Milan cuz!!

the Yank

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This entry was posted on October 13, 2010 by in Backpacking.
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