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Sunsets, Babies and Merrymaking – Turkey Part III

Taxsim is Istanbul’s famous party and shopping district. Hooka bars, restaurants, nik nak shops and local musical talents make the area a colourful sight. Perched a top a hillside, Taxsim overlooks the beautiful setting of Sultanhament. At dusk, the beating sun begins its somber sleep turing the sky into rich strands of gold and amber. The dozens of domed mosques and spear-shaped spires become black paper cut outs in the sky. The call to prayer sounds sending swirls of birds into a frenzie. This moment is truely the beauty that is Istanbul; the sunset.

Searching the Taxsim streets for a lookout spot over Sultanahmet, we happened upon a kiddie park that was seeing more action from cuddling couples and idling dog legs than diapers…perfect. Sitting down on a park bench to watch the sun set on Istanbul was serine. It would also be the perfect place for Morgan and Lindsay to get engaged. Yup, that’s right. After three months of in-your-face-all-the-time travel, we’ve done what some travelling couples would cringe at.

It all happened so fast it’s hard to detail. However, us being us, you can always count on someone to do something quirky. What was momentarily a hug was then a transition to bended knee. I haven’t seen such a stealth flow of movement since Will Farrel’s dance floor routine in Old School. While asking me to marry him and then fumbling around his pocket for the ring, Morgan tried to keep his cool, but he was nervous as all hell. A looked crossed his face that was similar to the one when I get much too close to his card collection. Pulling out the box and presenting the ring couldn’t have been more memorable. I looked at him oddly, but still through a smile, seeing no ring. Oh, but there it was sitting at the top of the box. The box was simply upside down. I guess in that moment you’re either totally disturbed and disgruntled or completely prepared knowing exactly what to say. Well, Morgan had thrown me for a complete loop because I was in total shock. Not the deer in headlights kind, it was more like la la land and purple haze. Almost having to check for a pulse, Morgan reminded me that this would be the time I’d give my answer. And so, another one bites the dust.

Christmas Eve couldn’t have been much better spent in Istanbul. We strutted giddily back to our hostel with a scheduled online sonogram date to make. Mrs. Kate Williams Downs, Morgan’s sister, is expecting a baby and we were all going to find out the sex. Girl or boy, we couldn’t be more excited to share the experience with California. Logging online to the sono-site, we were wrought with a brutal connection and could only  make out some words from both the doctor and family members. We made out the doctor say that it looked like a boy, but then it was a girl, but Jason was sure he saw a little member. Confused by all accounts, the sonogram was inconclusive. We would find out a couple of weeks later that it’s a boy.

Dreams of stuffing, cascading gravey and mash potato mountains of glory would have to wait this year, or would they? We were very lucky to have been extended an invitation to spend a Turkish Christmas Day feast with some newly made friends. Susie and Carol, treated us to a lip-smacking delights and belly-warming Grog (a mixture of water and rum, occasionally doctored with spices or sugar). It was the start to long lasting friendships. Thank you for your more than generous hospitality and great conversation. You made Turkey a very special place for us both.

Ps: Turkish izlaks – sweaty hamburgers that aren’t pretty to look at, but are actually delishes. Seriously the thought of them even makes me drool. At first they totally creeped me out, but seeing the local Turks line up for them meant we had to at least try one. Sure enough we’d be kicking ourselves for not trying one sooner. I’m amazed Morgan didn’t stash an izlak supply for the road.

Congratulations Kate and Jason.
Çok teşekkür ederim Susie and Carol

A very happy Limey

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This entry was posted on February 9, 2011 by in Istanbul, Sultanhament, Taxsim, Turkey.
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