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Glass Eggs and Ham

We left the unwanted guesthouse on a mission to find accommodations of our own picking. At the end of the long driveway leading out from the grounds we’d run into a resting tuk-tuk driver who made it his days mission to give us a ride. Saying “no”, “no thank you”, “go away” and eventually straight up “f**k off”, we couldn’t shake him. Like an annoying mosquito awaiting its probable squishy fate, this guy was headed straight for a swat. Luckily for him, Caddie happened to stroll up at that moment. He had headed out earlier than us that morning in search of another guesthouse and had found another, newer guesthouse about a 20-minute walk away, for much cheaper. It sounded promising, and after some deliberation, we’d head back to the unwanted guesthouse, to lose the pestering driver and have some breakfast.

Little did we know that that same tuk-tuk driver would also greet us at our breakfast table as our server. Pulling in our chairs, we looked up to find a still helmeted tuk-tuk driver handing us menus. We were speechless. Really? Even after we told you very rudely to f**k off!? Relentless. Everyone ordered an English continental breakfast of eggs, beans and toast, we were starting to get “hangry” (a coming together of the feelings of being hungry and angry) and needed some eats. Eagerly wanted to find a new guesthouse and get to exploring, we’d bite into our breakfast. Mr. Adventure grumbled spitting a mouthful of egg on his plate. “There’s f***ing glass in my eggs!” I’d hear next. Faster than you can say go we b-lined it for the front desk to let the whole crew know that we weren’t paying for the food. Picking up our packs once again, Mr., Mrs. and Caddie, along with our trusty tuk-tuk driver slash server slash murderer exited the unwanted guesthouse for the last time. Strapping on his helmet and untying his apron, the tuk-tuk driving server chased up down the driveway and about three blocks before he finally gave up.We were on a mission, and it was called Angkor Wat; where angry Wat transvestites and Spiderman awaited us.

Mrs. Excellent Adventure

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