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The Dirtiest Middle Finger

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Banteay Srey was built in the late 10th century and was dedicated to the Hindu God. Its name means “citadel of the women” and it bares some of the best carvings of all the temples; it also has so of the strangest people lurking its grounds. Exploring the sienna coloured stone walls, Mr., Mrs. and Caddie all split up looking to get lost in the enclosed but surreal dusty red world. Lurking nearby was a deaf lady boy and he/she/it had spotted some fresh tourist prey…Mr.

Lady Boy made her way over and began  petting Mr., who, when seeing Lady Boy’s face, let out a yelp. Mr. began backing away and waving Lady Boy off, but was greeted with a Cambodian sign language he was unfamiliar with. (Note: Mr. can speak two languages fluently: English and Sign Language). Using an English form of sign language wouldn’t work and Lady Boy walked away in a huff. Spotting Mrs. close by, Mr. rehashed the encounter. Walking over to where the run-in had happened, Mrs. spotted an odd woman lurking behind a few puny trees. This Lady Boy was clearly the worst Hide and Seek player of all time or she wanted to creep on her competition. Trying not to make the inspection completely obvious, Mrs. took a quick glance and laughed. Naturally, a dirty, black Lady Boy arm broke out from amongst tree trunks and presented the dirtiest of middle fingers. Cackling, we’d wave goodbye to our new-found Cambodian frienemy.

Mrs. Excellent Adventure

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