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10 Reasons Why Shanghai Rules

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10. Top Transportation

Shanghai has the world’s largest metro network. Its metro system is made up of 11 lines, excluding the Maglev, 237 stations and boasts a 424.8 km long track. The world’s fourth busiest metro system

Taxis are cheap compared to western cabs and there are also dedicated bike lanes everywhere…but really, you go where you please.

9. Safety

The city of Shanghai is a relatively safe city considering the number of inhabitants roaming its roadways is approximately eight million. Petty crime, such a pick pocketing in markets and busy metro stations, and bike theft are common, but violent crime is rare.

Traffic rules are usually not practiced with full heart.  Vehicles are allowed to turn right against a red light and they tend not to stop even if you’re crossing the road. Don’t be fooled by any signs and pedestrian paths. Even walking along the sidewalk, motorbikes honk you out of the way.

8. Live in the Future

By some counts Shanghai is the world’s fastest-growing city. It sprawls like Los Angeles but is dense like Manhattan and has had more than 10,000 high-rise buildings constructed in it in the past quarter century.

Being 15 hours ahead of the Hollywood and a whole working day ahead of London, England, Shanghai is experiencing the world ahead of everyone else. It’s gratifying to know you’ll be the first to wish everyone else a Happy Birthday every year.

7. An Entrepreneurs Heaven

New businesses open at a rate of five an hour in Shanghai The scale at which the city has development has been compared to that of Europe and Japan’s rebuilding after World War II

6. Big on Entertainment

Yesterday’s opium halls are today’s underground clubs.  Shanghai has returned to its rightful place as one of the world’s great sin cities – arguably the New York of the East.

Shanghai is experiencing a surge in interest in modern and classical art. Art galleries are proliferating throughout the city.

Shanghai holds no set drinking age and there are no laws that exists against drinking in public. There are increasing problems with teenage alcohol abuse, but seems to only be a persistent problem amongst foreign youth. Bars and nightclubs host irregular closing hours and will usually stay open until the last person leaves.

5. It’s All Here

There’s a good chance that something, if not all, of what you are wearing right now was Made in China. Home of the market, Shanghai is home to “fake markets” (known for their knock-offs), art and craft supply warehouses and not to forget the cyber savvy favorite, Taobao (the Chinese version of Ebay).

And if you’re worried about getting stuck eating dog, stinky tofu or fish balls, Shanghai is heavily coated in Western food options. Grocery chains such as City Shop carries many European, North American and Oceanic name brands.

The delivery mogul, Sherpa offers city wide delivery to your door from many of the cities restaurants. They can also bring you cigarettes and alcohol.

And if it’s McDonald’s you seek, they’ve got them here too, of course. They even deliver.

4. You are in Demand

Expat and foreigner jobs are available in heaps and bounds. While many struggle to find work in Europe and North American, Shanghai is screaming for employees. Many international businesses are opening locations in Shanghai and other parts of China offering very appealing expat packages.

3. Learn the Language of the World

Mandarin is the world’s most spoken language for roughly 845 million native speakers . Learning the language will open up approximately 845 million new opportunities

2: Learn to Relax

Learning to become limp is one of the first things you’ll have to do. Taking the metro during rush hour you’ll have to Tetrus yourself into place amongst others. Personal space become almost non-existant and there is an entirely different pace of life. Everything takes a lot longer in China, which lends an irritatingly inefficient view of such an accelerating country. Quick and fast service notion is obsolete, unless you find a Starbucks. Just getting a new bank card requires about a half hour of your time and what seems like half a hectar of paper work.

Things are done very differently and slowly. Unlearning the sense of immediacy and rush of Westernized living is stress relieving and healthy.

1:Life is Easy

The restrictions on basic life and enjoyments are non-existent and a simplistic life is very attainable. You can pretty much drink and smoke where you want, although some establishments try to uphold a non-smoking environment, however loosely.

In general, the cost of living is low. In relation to the rest of China, however, Shanghai is more expensive. You can rent an apartment, and have a maid, for about 3,500 RMB – that’s 500 dollars US a month. If you eat with the locals and smaller Chinese eateries it’s insanely light on the wallet (a bowl of noodles is about 6 RMB, that’s less than a US dollar).  The metro costs about three to four RMB per direction (about .50 cents US).

A party lifestyle can be costly, but there are loads of weekly happy hours and drink specials. Ladies, there’s some good news. Almost every night is Ladies Night somewhere in the city. That means you can drink for free until a certain hour.

Living lavishly is entirely doable, but living, working and saving are also very possible. Many foreigners not employed on an expatriate package have, at some point, worked as an English Teacher or Tutor. Pay is good and the cost of living is very low. Paying off loans or debt becomes easier, and you still manage to have a pretty nice life.

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