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What An Online Teaching Scam Looks Like

Chef Alex Rizzo

Stanneylands Road

Wilmslow,Cheshire, SK9 4EY

Phone: +44 703 188 2731

Fax: +44 700 608 6662

Position Reference: ESL Teacher


Date: 10/2/011

Dear: Lindsay Anne Ford and Morgan Campbell Williams


We would like to offer you the position of an English Teachersto my wife Helena for a

period of 6

12 months at our home here in England, United Kingdom. The terms and

conditions of the job are as follows:


You will be required to work for approximately 5hours per day and 25 hours per week.

From 10am till 2pm. Every weekend, will be spent with the family or anywhere you

wish, as you would have the weekends off.


You would have a Private Live-Out or Live-In Accommodation depending on your

Preference with Private Bathroom, Sitting Room and Bedroom. Your room would also be

Furnished with a Television Set, an Internet Ready Computer System and a Fixed

Landline telephone. We ask that all rooms be kept tidy and that friends staying over

should only do so with our permission. If we go out as a family, you will generally be

invited to come with us (at our expense) should you so choose.

Duties and responsibilities

Your main duty is to tutor my wife in Basic English Language. You are to prepare them

to be able to communicate, write, pronounce and spell English words within the contract



You will be paid an amount of Three Hundred Great British Pounds (£800) every Friday

of the week by

cash or paid into any financial institution that you

Would designate. Salary would be paid in currency of choice however, this is subject to existing

exchange rate.

Start Date and Period of Employment


You are expected to start as soon as you arrive to stay for a minimum period of 1 year. If

due to circumstances beyond your control or for any other reason, you wish to leave at an

earlier date than our agreement, you will be required to give one month’s notice. If we

require you to leave, subject to the conditions specified under ‘discipline’, we will give

you a minimum of one month’s notice.


Reasons which could give rise to disciplinary measures are as follows:

Causing a disruptive influence in the household.

Job incompetence.

Conduct during or outside working hours prejudicial to our interests.

Unreliability in timekeeping or attendance.

Failure to comply with our reasonable instructions or procedures.

In the event of a need for disciplinary action, the procedure will be:

First – a verbal warning.

Second – a written warning.

Third – dismissal without need for further notice.

Reasons with would give rise to summary dismissal would be:

Theft or other dishonest offences.


Illegal drug taking.

Abuse or neglect.


You will have 3 weeks paid vacation after 4 months of work. Vacation must be

negotiated however, well in advance. Paid Christmas break of 2 weeks will also be given

Travel Guidance

Important : You are to adhere to the following travel instructions as we would be

responsible for your travel arrangements hence your strict compliance is required so that

you do not make any mistakes or have any problems on arrival here.

A Certificate of Eligibility is important to prove that we are sponsoring your travel down

to the United Kingdom and to prove that you are eligible to take up a job position in

United Kingdom before the UK Home Office send the hard copies of your traveling

documents, Job Reference Number and your Interview Date to the nearest British

Embassy or Consulate in your country or current location and the Certificate of

Eligibility would be issued to you with your Reference Number and Interview Date.

You are to sign the contract letter after going through it and send a scanned copy

indicating your intended travel date (For Flight Booking which we shall pay for) to the

UK Home Office in charge of your applications via their email address

for your Certificate of Eligibility, Visa,

Reference Number, Interview Date and for their records and advice to us.

UK Home Office, Border Agency,

PO Box 3468, Sheffield,

S3 8WA,

United Kingdom


Inform them also of the date you wish to travel so that they can book your Flight Ticket

Which we would pay for.

We look forward to receiving you when you arrive here.

Alex Rizzo

Home Office Seal

Please enter your Full Name at the space provided below and sign where requested to

signify acceptance of the terms and conditions.

Name of Employees

…………………………….. ……………………………

Signature and Date…………………………… ………………………..

Available Start date ………………………………………….

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