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How to Get a Chinese Tourist Visa in the Philippines

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You can get your tourist visa processed in the Philippines, but only in ManilaCebu and Laoag is this possible.

In Manila, there are two options for getting your Chinese visa. You can either go to the Chinese embassy or visit one of the many travel agencies that offer visa processing.
What is the Cost for a Chinese Visa?
There is a lot of paper work involved in the visa process and can be quite confusing. Having your visa processed through a travel agency is a less stressful option offered in the Philippines, but is more costly. Travel agencies are already familiar with the process and the paper work, thus making your experience a lot easier.

Philippine Passport
Single : 1400
Double : 2100
6 months multiple : 2800
12months multiple : 4200

U.S.A Passport
Single : 6500
Double : 6500
6 months multiple : 6500
12months multiple : 6500

Foreign Passport
Single : 1700
Double : 2550
6 months multiple : 3400
12months multiple : 5100

Different agencies charge different prices for the Chinese visa. Do visit a few agencies to compare pricing. The Uni-Orient agency will try and charge you 1700 pesos while the Philippine World Travel agency just across the street in Makati charges 2820 pesos.

There are many travel agencies in Manila that provide the Chinese Visa service are all located in the very same neighbourhood so do explore your options and pricing; it will vary.

What Do You Need to Provide?

When applying for a visa, foreigners are required to present relevant documents and go through the following formalities:

—-Your original valid passport with at least 2 blank visa pages and six months validity left before expiration

—-One or two fully completed visa application forms

—Two recent passport photos

—-Sometimes, documents which explain and prove your reason to enter China are needed for visa application, but this is not always the case.

You will need to leave your passport with the travel agency for processing. Domestic travel around the Philippines is still possible without your passport.
Travel Agencies will request an invitation letter from you, but some won’t insist this necessary. So shop around. You don’t really need it.
You will have to fill out two copies of the regular visa form application. There is another application form they will have you fill out, but this form will have nothing to do with tourism and it catered toward working and attending school in China. Leaving most of this form empty is fine; if all you seek is a tourist visa, just make sure to sign your name.
What is the Processing Time?

The fastest processing time (rush option) offered for the Chinese visa is two working days. There is no shorter time available. There used to be a one-day processing time, but the rules changed in August, 2011. The standard processing time is four business days. If you want urgent you can get it within three days by paying 1100 peso, if you want two days you have to pay 1700 extra.

NOTE: For visas other than a tourist visa, and if you are processing you visa around holidays, processing times may be longer.

2 comments on “How to Get a Chinese Tourist Visa in the Philippines

  1. Art
    May 24, 2013

    I think you mean 1700 PHP for China Visa Application from Uni-Orient? or is it really 7100?

  2. Tellier
    July 12, 2013

    Hello I m French
    I want to do my tourism Chinese visa the 23 at 9 am
    Can I get it the next day the 24 on the morning ?

    Thanks to let me know !
    Please answer fast please it’s an emergency

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