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Learning and Ideas for Tibet is a non-profit organization located in McleodGanj, Dharamsala, India.

LIT offers free education for Tibetans, and to inform visitors in the McLeodGanj area on the Tibetan situation (past and present). Volunteers can participate in English grammar and conversation classes. LIT offers movie nights (with dinner), cooking classes and story nights with Tibetan ex-political prisoners who share their experiences.

L.I.T. believes that through both education and communication about all aspects of Tibetan culture, Tibetan culture will remain alive despite China’s brutal occupation of the region.

We signed up for the Momo class to figure out how to make the traditional Tibetan dish. In doing so, all proceeds helped keep the school entirely free for the students and the learning experience was a shared one (Recipes for English swap).

The History of the Momo

Momo are a Tibetan dish. Although much research has been conducted into its origins, very little has been found. Since its inception, momo have grown to be wildly popular in countries such as Nepal, Bhutan and Northern India. The word “momo” is borrowed from the Chinese ‘momo’, which is a type of steamed bun.

LIT Nightly Events:

1) Monday Momo (dumpling) party with a movie
2) Tuesday Talk with an ex political prisoner and Thenthuk noodles
3) Friday Tibetan pizza and a Tibetan documentary

Help keep the fire of Tibet LIT!

I have recipes to share if you are interested. I’d be happy to email them.

If you liked this post or have anything to say, please leave a comment! I love reading them. You don’t even have to write in English! I will reply to all comments in any language :)

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