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The Rudest and Funniest Town Names Around the World

Town of Wank – photo from

I walked into a local souvenir shop and asked for some “Fucking postcards”, but the lady at the cash desk simply smiled warmly. With a sparkle in her eye she guided me over to a white bookcase. “These are the Fucking postcards right here” she beamed.

Yes, that’s right, there’s a town called Fucking and this woman has been a Fuckite? Fuckonian? all her life.

There are some parts of the world where names take on a whole new meaning. Many of the names you are about to see have housed childhood dreams, celebrated birthdays, seen its first kiss, safeguarded its inhabitants, although their names would place them at the opposing end of the puppy dogs and ice-cream spectrum. Names that when spoken elicit some of the dirtiest and most wrong imagery. However, such places are loved regardless of however hilarious or fowl a name it bares.

And, yes, all of these places are actual places. Seriously.

There are many names that have missed the list so please leave a comment with your favourite rude or hilarious town names from around the world:

Allanstank – Aberdeen, Scotland

Bare Down Yonder – Cornwall, UK

Balls Falls – Ontario, Canada

Big Bone Lick town photo from

Batman – SE, Turkey
Big Bone Lick – Kentucky, US
Boring – Oregon, US
Bumpass Hell – California, US
Bushygap – Northumberland, UK
Buttzville – Pennsylvania, US
Chinaman’s Knob (hill in Victoria, Australia)
Clitsome View – Somerset, UK
Cock Wash – South Australia
Condom – a pretty little town  in south west France
Cooter –  Missouri, US
Cunt – Spain
Dikshit – India
Dildo town photo from
Dikshit – India 
Dildo – Newfoundland and Labrador,  Canada 
Dumb Hope – Northumberland, UK

Fucking town photo from

Fucking – is a pretty village near Salzburg, on the Austrian/German border
Fingringhoe – Essex, UK
Great Cockup & Little Cockup – two hills in the Lake District, UK

Ham and Sandwich town photo from

Ham, near Sandwich – Kent, UK

Hell for Certain – Kentucky, US – there’s four places called Hell in the
world, but this one’s for certain – Legend has it that years ago two
explorers found this area of Eastern, Kentucky. One said, “the short looks
like hell,” and the other said, “for certain.”
Kunting – The Gambia, Africa
Lake Minnewanka – Canada
Long Dong – Guangxi, China
Maggie’s Nipples – Wyoming, US

Middelfart – Denmark

Middelfart – Denmark
No Place – Co Durham, UK

Penistone town photo from

Penistone – South York – UK
Wank – Germany
Alright, I can’t see the screen anymore due to severe laughter and

torrential tears. I’d love to hear some more hilarious names of places.

Please add to the list!

Things get even funnier when funny named places are written about in the
Newspaper. Enjoy! Image courtesy of



3 comments on “The Rudest and Funniest Town Names Around the World

  1. Mimsy
    August 14, 2012

    Intercourse, Blue Ball and Virgin Ville, PA 🙂

    • Lindsay Anne Williams
      August 14, 2012

      Spank you, Mimsy! What abouts in Nova Scotia? I’m there’s some gooders there…see you soon!

  2. gypsy shutterbug
    September 3, 2013

    Tee Hee. Love it.

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