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10 Memorable Moments In: India

Just outside McleodGanj in Dharmsala, I took part in a family celebration. It was the passing of the celebrated Jote Candle from one family’s house to that of another. We sat on the floor around an open fire singing Sanskrit mantras and sharing this very important cultural moment. I’m still not fully understanding of the purpose of the candle’s passing as Indians have a very interesting way of withholding information. It’s annoying, but that’s India.  From what I could gather, literally, the candle is a holy blessing that brings good luck to the family that houses the candle.

While on a bus in Mumbai filled with young tourists who had been scouted as extras in a Bollywood film, we’d come to some traffic. Over to the left side of the bus was a tightrope tied to two trees and a small child about 10 walking the length of it holding a balancing stick. He’d put on a show then made a loop of the bus begging for money. This was the face I got as I handed him a 10 Rupee note. Priceless.

This is what an Indian dog looks like.

I don’t always hate children, but when I do, I hate that one. This is the most annoying kid in the world. He got a slap on the arm for reaching for my bag. After that he just harassed us and jumped in front of photos for half an hour.

On a walk through Hampi’s temples I stumbled across this cow hanging out. He later when on to try on my flip-flops.

Riding through the Bikaner desert on camels, Sarwan the camel kept sneaking hay from the bushels on the back end of the lead cart on which I sat. She obviously wasn’t too happy when I got her in trouble by the camel guides as she’d later toss me off mid-ride.

During a desert trek in Bikaner we’d stop overnight to camp out in some sand dunes. We’d wake the next morning to some local village children flying kites. They were pretty good at it. As for me, I apparently need to polish up my kite-flying skills, which came highly recommended by said desert children.

Celebrating the Holi Festival in Goa, some guy caught me mid-laugh and got me good with a mouthful of yellow powder. I was having much too much fun to wonder if that random-Indian-powder-in-the-mouth contact would leave me toilet bound for a week. At least it’s all natural in India.

In India there is a temple dedicated to rats.

Inspired only by the commercials starring Amitabh Bachchan of Bollywood acclaim that aired continuously on lndian television, we’d make our way to Gujarat in search of the Asiatic lion. These lions call only this part India home and there numbers teeter around the 400 mark. I am not the luckiest person on the planet so this print was the only lion I could get. Grrr!

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2 comments on “10 Memorable Moments In: India

  1. circumventures
    August 18, 2012

    These pictures got me so excited! Did you take them with a disposable camera? India’s on my list… hopefully I’ll be there this time next year.

    • the people square
      August 18, 2012

      Hey Circumventures! These pics were taken with my DSLR. When you do get to going to India let me know and I’d be more than happy to suggest some things/places. India has always been tops on my lists and I barely got to see everything in four months. Definitely one of the most frustrating but rewarding places I’ve ever been to.

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