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Canadian Experts in Work + Study Abroad Programs

The citizens of Canada have a reputation for being extremely welcoming and accommodating to foreign visitors from all over the world.  This is probably because most of Canada’s citizens come from families that have also immigrated from other foreign countries; this results in an amazing array of diverse and multicultural groups.  From yummy international cuisines, recreational activities representing different ethnic backgrounds, to the country itself encouraging multicultural integration, Canada has set a global example; so there’s no surprise it is one of the most popular and successful ESL destinations in the world.

Thousands of global students looking to learn English flock to Canada each year. The process itself can be strenuous and draining when it should be fun and exciting. Signing up with an agency in your home country is just the first part, but what happens after that? Does that agency help you experience Canada and Canadian culture? Do they know Canada as the locals do? Probably not.  Get The Edge Up is an international education agency specializing in advising students who are interested to study abroad or have an exciting internship with a reputable company.  They give you the “Edge Up” by helping you plan a customized study and/or work program that is tailored to your individual needs.  They only work with high quality schools and programs to ensure that you will achieve your academic goals while being a part of a school that commits to your personal growth during your study adventure abroad. Get The Edge Up is the mother bear agency that will care for your travel-abroad needs even before you leave your own country.

Get The Edge Up is a boutique agency based in Vancouver, Canada. They offer Junior Camps (summer and winter programs), High School and University Pathway programs and general Language Programs. GETU is passionate about seeing international learners succeed, but most of all, giving them the opportunity to enjoy and get the very best out of their Canadian experiences. Having fun, learning English and creating opportunities are GETU’s commitment and promise to all of their students.

Get The Edge Up is “Your Personal Travel Sidekick”

Consider us your “Personal Travel Sidekick” for everything to do with studying and working abroad. They offer a FREE Consultation service for you, this includes:

  • Advice on which programs or schools best suit your needs
  • Accommodation and Homestay options and opportunities
  • Local advice and suggestions you can use to custom tailor your study or work abroad plan so that your experience will go beyond your expectations
  • Social Events organized by Get The Edge Up provide an opportunity for you to meet other students, take part in local activities, share stories or try charity events such as fundraising
  • Personal Coaching program: just like a fitness trainer to get you to your workout goals! We will motivate and inspire you to get the most out of your experience abroad
  • Special package customized by Get The Edge Up that will be delivered to your doorstep to help you prepare and get you excitedfor your study or work abroad adventure with us!

Find out more about your international experience abroad in Canada here.

The People Square give Get the Edge Up a rating of five backpacks out of five. We give you two bloggy high fives for their love of education through travel and love and appreciation of culture and all its goodness.

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