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Pillow Fight Club

Serbian Scrambler versus The Butcher's Daughter

Serbian Scrambler versus The Butcher’s Daughter

Last night, whilst hundreds of thousands of people congregated around their television set to watch some Hockey Night in Canada, about a hundred people crowded into the Astoria Pub on East Hastings Street in Vancouver. Receiving word via Facebook and other social networks, people came to see the East Van Pillow Fights. The reigning champion, Serbian Scrambler, was set to take on The Butcher’s Daughter.

Simply, the EVPFC is “an all-girl troupe who kick each other’s asses for your enjoyment.” reads the About Us page on their blog.

Much of what they are about is pure, raw, fluffy fun, and a portion of the money raised goes the Vancouver Rape Relief and Women’s Shelter – a women’s collective that is NOT funded by the government. They often hold community events like bike washes and grilled cheese sandwich sales where all donations go to help these shelters too.

Pillow Fight Clubs have been part of the under ground scene for ages, but have only begun to pop up at street level. Toronto, New York and London, England are also known for their Pillow Fight Leagues.

the people square loves East Van Pillow Club

One comment on “Pillow Fight Club

  1. pushandreset
    February 25, 2013

    We have to initiate some like this in Hamburg – our winters are so long, that everybody knows his pillow so well… it must be fun to smash it at the end of winter and to welcome spring 🙂

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