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Two Vancouver Travellers Discover Juice

Good Juice Parks HereA couple of friends from Vancouver went travelling together. They backpacked through South East Asia and India and were forever changed and inspired. And of  all the many things these friends could be inspired by in their world of adventure, was a simple little thing called, juice.

It was during a trek through the Himalayan mountains of Nepal that the friends first saw juice in a brand new light. They noticed locals always sipping a vibrant orange drink. It was a special concoction made of seabuckthorn berries that was said to give the body tons of nutrients at such high altitudes. They were amazed at how much the locals thrived on this juice for sustenance and health. This praised orange liquid would spark in the friends a greater admiration for juice, and a desire to seek out more interesting juices.

After a year of travelling the world, the friends returned to Vancouver, with a lot of juicy stories, and a lot of recipes for juice. The Juice Truck was born.

Working out of their Abbott and Water Street parking spot, the friends create a variety of hand-crafted, cold pressed juices that are healthy, delicious and help support local, organic produce . Juices are priced at around $8. The Apron (with Himalayan rock salt) goes highly recommended.

For more information on Vancouver’s Juice Truck click here.

One comment on “Two Vancouver Travellers Discover Juice

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    November 4, 2013

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