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International Agencies Lie About Working in Canada

canada_workpermitDear International Students coming to Canada,

Please know that all agencies just want your money. They don’t really care about your interests and they will tell you just about anything to get a sale from you – even information that is not true. Most agencies make a commission of almost 30% on what you pay. The lie that many agencies tell students is “Don’t worry, your international school in Canada will give you a working visa”. Please know that this untrue.

Here are the facts: If you do not get a Canadian working visa before arrival into Canada, the process for getting one is long and unpredictable. You could be waiting months before you find out that you have been refused for a working visa. The current processing time for a working visa is over three months and with new regulations and rules becoming more strict for issuing visas, the processing time could be even longer. All international students looking to work in Canada should apply for a working visa before entering Canada, forget what your agency tells you. Do not expect to arrive in Canada and simply get a working visa. If you are curious about rules and regulations you can contact Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

This message comes to you from an English Language Co-Op Coordinator in Canada who has seen many students come here under the impression that getting a work visa in Canada is simple and easy. But, to their surprise, they most often end up with no visa or have waited nearly five months for one. Please apply for working visas for Canada from your own country and get information about the Canada rules and regulations before coming. Don’t ask your agency for this information because it will mostly likely be false. Don’t believe most of what your agency is telling you. They are just trying to make a sale and are lying to you.


A Canadian English Coach

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