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The Advantages of Building Your Own Holiday



Package holidays may seem like the best option on the face of it, but there are many advantages to building your own holiday. If you are still yet to book your holiday for this summer consider buying your flights separately and shopping for last minute hotels on


Package deals tend to feature the same type of large hotel with no option to switch in your preference. By booking a hotel separately you can factor in your likes and dislikes and find somewhere to stay that really suits you. Find the area you would like to visit and decide what facilities you would like your hotel to have. You can determine things like whether you want to stay somewhere child friendly, with a pool, close to a beach or with an onsite restaurant.


All inclusive package holidays may seem like a bargain, but often if you spend the time to cost out a similar build it yourself holiday you will find you are paying extra for the convenience of not having to do the leg-work. Often package deals include food and drink, which is not cost effective if you plan on eating out at restaurants over the course of your holiday as well.


If you are booking a last minute deal you will often have dates in mind. Package deals are usually set to certain flight dates and length of stay giving you no flexibility to determine your own time frame. By finding a hotel separately you can search online for the exact dates you require and get results to match. You can also split your time across more than one location if you want to visit a few areas in your chosen country. By building your own you have the option to spend half your holiday in one area and half in another without any hassle.

With package holidays you must remember that you are paying for the time it takes to find the best deals and for the convenience of an all in one payment. Taking the time to book flights and accommodation separately can often make for a better holiday experience.

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